Deep Explanation of the Pneumatic Control Valve

The Pneumatic Control Valve is a very unique valve that is used to ensure that flow is at its minimal in the centrifugal pump. It is one of the most essential parts of a pump system because a centrifugal pump always has to deal with overheating which makes it damage within a short time.

You may be looking for the best way to install the Pneumatic Control Valve, we will give the right answers to you here.

The proper installation procedure of the Pneumatic Control Valve.

In the centrifugal pump, the Pneumatic Control Valve is meant to be installed on the outer part. As the outer, you need to ensure that each of the values is properly installed on the appropriate pumps.

On the pump, the flow direction is shown on the nameplate of the valve and also the fabricating number. The fabricating number is seen as a very unique number found on each valve.

In the centrifugal pump, the valves are supplied from the manufacturers or the retailers as a single unit and can be installed after the receipt. You can choose to install the valves by tackle or by using hands.

Tips On installation of Pneumatic Control Valve

Before you proceed to install the valve, you must ensure that the entire centrifugal system does not have pressure.

All the pumps must be switched off. You are also required to drain the lines so it looks clean and sharp. All the isolating valves in the pump should be closed effectively to ensure that there is no foreign material remaining in the valve.

If you intend on installing the valve after it has stayed for a very long time, then you need to ensure that there are no signs of rust on the valve.

The entire installation process of this valve is not as easy as it seems. During installation, you will be able to lift your valve either by hand or with a tackle placed on the flange in the pump outlet.

If you are debating where to place the lifting strap, it can be placed around the valve outlet flange. While installing, you need to ensure that the bypass flanges are not used to carry the valve up. This is very important.

Still, in the installation process, you will always need to properly place the bypass connection to prevent dirt settlement. This connection could be either installed in a vertical or horizontal position. However, there are certain reservations to the installation of the bypass connection in a vertical position. This is because previous experience has shown that the weight of the check valve would pull off the bypass connection of the seat and it is challenging installing the valve directly outside the pump.


In this article, we have done our very best to show you the main features of how the Pneumatic Control Valve work. One thing you need to know is that the entire installation process is not as easy as it seems.

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