Top Advantages of Industrial PoE Switches

Before PoE switches, communication channels consisted of RS232 or RS485 connections. No doubt, they were reliable but provided slower speeds. The introduction of PoE in the industrial sector took communications to a new level. Communication not only became fast but cost-effective as well.

Below are the reasons that justify why every industrialist prefers a PoE switch industrial for his needs.

Powerful Transfer Rates

The transfer rate is a major reason why most industry owner prefers the PoE switches. These switches create a dependable connection through a single Ethernet cable. Moreover, they have the power to handle wide networks without dropping their performance.

Temperature Resistant

Industrial switches are more reliable when dealing with extreme temperature ranges. These switches don’t need a temperature-controlled environment like commercial ones.

Most PoE switches operate in a temperature range of -40 to 75 degrees, which are the extreme temperatures an environment can have. Moreover, they perform significantly well in moist and humid environments as well.

Noise and Interference Resistant

Noise and interference are undesirable in communication. They only not result in loss of data but also heat the deployed hardware. Industrial switches support both twisted-pair cables and fiber cables for transmission. But, other cables are more prone to noise and interference therefore, many switches use fiber optics. Ultimately, provide a hindrance-free performance.

Industrial switches provide additional protections like waterproof, anti-corrosion and antic static, etc.


Downtime losses are almost irreparable in the communication industry. Therefore, manufacturers use high-quality materials from the outer covering to the core of the hardware. Using the top-tier materials for manufacturing prolongs the life of the switches. An average industrial switch lasts more than 10 years. At the same time, a commercial switch can only run for three to five good years.

Fast recovery

A 5-second failure in a network can cost an organization billions. Therefore, the manufacturers are careful to use intelligent and quick recovering chips in industrial switches. On average industrial switches have a recovery time of 5 milliseconds. The quick recovery of the network helps avoid the incalculable damage that a company might face in the case of commercial switches.


As the network expands, the complexities only increase. A complex network needs more attention, programming, and security measures. And managing all the network’s needs simultaneously is challenging. Especially when there is limited staff or budget. Here industrial switches are game-changers with their easy interface and quick setup. Owners get the facility to manage the network remotely by using a graphical interface.

Surge Safe

An electrical surge is fatal to a network. Without proper breakpoints in the network, equipment worth hundreds of dollars can go black. But, the use of industrial switches prevents it. After deployment, the PoE switches run a test by supplying 10 volts to the resistor in the power device. When the tests run green, only then the voltage from the source resumes.


Industrial PoE switches are expensive compared to commercial switches. But, they prove economical in the long run. Most users prefer them for their reliable transmission speeds and interference resistance. However, the other reasons listed above also play an important role in keeping a network healthy.